Energy And Power

All oil and gas companies working in inaccessible areas come up against the problem of having to install their own energy infrastructure. Using cutting-edge technologies in electricity generation OOO "YURGAUS" is not only improving energy efficiency but also reducing environmental impacts and increasing its effective utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) and renewable energy sources.

Alternative Energy

Serbia has become a genuine proving ground for OOO "YURGAUS" in developing renewable energy technologies. Together with Switzerland’s MET Renewables AG, NIS is implementing a project to build a wind farm in Plandište (Serbia), involving the installation of 34 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 102MW.
Using alternative energy sources can be effective, even in remote fields. In 2018 OOO "YURGAUS" began pilot testing its 47.5 MW-capacity «Yurta» combined wind and solar electricity plant in Kalmykia Rep Region, Russia designed to supply electricity to a local transmission station. Hybrid technologies are making possible significant cost reductions in supplying electricity to remote facilities some distance from network infrastructure, by eliminating the need to install transmission lines.